Dr. Selting is a detail-oriented editor. With strong understanding of rhetorical principles, Bonnie helps writers address audience needs, fulfill purpose of the writing task, and clear up syntax for clarity. Whether it is early-process writing support or final draft polishing, Bonnie is able to provide helpful and encouraging assistance for a variety of writers and writing needs.

Dr. Amy Lannin

Director, Campus Writing Program, University of Missouri

As an astute and insightful reader and editor, Bonnie has helped me bring depth and credibility to my writing. For short stories and plays, she can make writers aware of what they need to develop their characters, plots, and stories by her incredible ability to “get into a reader’s head” and relate what she finds there to writers who perhaps haven’t come out of the “writer’s head.” In other words, she is intuitive and shrewd when she calls for detail, description, and dialog. Bonnie’s editorial GPS keeps writers on track when they wander from a story or main purpose. Thus, her editorial skills can be applied to any type of writing and writer, technical, academic, business, and of course, the wonderful world of fiction.

Paul Lewis Bancel

Author and Playwright

I finally decided to write my story. It would be the tale of my nearly four year sailing adventure across the Pacific Ocean in a 28 foot sailboat. I had the notes, I had my old letters home, I had my old passports, and I still had the memory cells, I hoped. I also had over 40 years of technical report writing experience as a practicing engineer.

So I started writing and finally got to what I thought were a few good chapters, heading towards a 100,000 word manuscript. I have known Bonnie Selting since high school. She learned that I was writing and said, “Gary, send me some pages—send the first two chapters. I edit. This is what I do.” So I did.

Wow! Upon receiving her edit I learned what editing was all about. I also learned that, while I believed I had some average writing skills, I had big changes to make. Bonnie opened the door to better writing for me in many practical, meaningful ways: One of the first things she said was, “Gary, so what—who cares!” No one had ever said that to me before and frankly it smarted, because I thought I was writing fairly well. But, she was right on. My writing took on a fresh focus. Bonnie showed me how to change my stilted dialog into words that actually belong in quotations—words that probably were actually spoken. We next worked hard on using words and expressions that show the reader what is happening, and simply not telling them. We worked on sentences which light up the words by engaging our senses. Another significant improvement came with the realization that active verbs bring sentences alive and passive verbs are just plain dull. I went back through my entire manuscript, weeding out as many passive verbs as possible, replacing them with action-packed, active verbs. What a difference!

I finished my book and I’m quite proud of it. Many thanks go to Dr. Bonnie Selting, for her skills in sharing with me her many years of experience in teaching university-level creative writing. I speak from experience when I say Bonnie will work with the writer, cutting to the bone with what you need to hear about your writing. Isn’t that what you want to know?

Gary E. Whipp

Author, “Forging Friendship”